Offshore and Onshore Partner Visa

A Comparison Between the Offshore and Onshore Partner Visa

There are various types of Visas available for individuals looking to move to Australia. Today, we will be taking a look at particularly two types of them, they are offshore and onshore partner Visas. We will compare both to give you an idea regarding what you should choose.

However, after going through this blog, you should talk to your partner Visa agent since the professional can give you a better idea of both and can also help you navigate the complex application process.

Onshore Partner Visa – Extend Your Stay

You should talk to your onshore partner Visa agent in Melbourne if you are already in Australia, on a valid visa and want to elongate your stay with your partner who is an Australian. Thus, this Visa suits couples who are already in the land. However, the offshore visa is the opposite of this one, and we will discuss it at the next point.

The Distance Problem – Offshore Visa

You will need to opt for the offshore partner visa if you are a couple but you are not in Australia. However, this visa is for individuals who are Australian citizens or permanent residents. 

If you and your partner are residing outside the country and want to move to the country, you will need to apply for this type of Visa. You will need to talk to an agent who can handle the complications (if any).

Onshore and Offshore Application Process

When it comes to the application process, both onshore and offshore partner visas have certain similarities as well as similarities. If you are an onshore applicant, you can submit the documents while you are in Australia. This will help you extend your stay with your partner. However, if you are an offshore applicant, you will need to reach out to an offshore partner Visa agent in Melbourne to assist you with the application process.

Temporary and Permanent Residency

If you are applying for the onshore partner Visa, you will get a temporary visa. During this period, you can live in Australia and wait for the result of your permanent residency application. After the authorities grant it to you, you can live in the country and enjoy all the benefits.

Waiting Time for Offshore Visas Can be More

If you have applied for an offshore partner Visa, you might need to wait for a longer period. This is because the processing of the same takes place outside Australia. However, if you have an agent in Melbourne dealing with offshore partner Visas, he or she can assist you regarding the status of it. 

Career and Study Opportunities

If you want to start a career in Australia or work here, you will need to apply for an onshore partner Visa. The offshore does not have this advantage. However, it is better to talk to an agent in Melbourne dealing with onshore partner Visas if you would like to avail this benefit. He or she can help you through the application process efficiently.

Now that you have gained an idea about both Visas, you can proceed to the next step, which is booking an appointment with an agent.

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