How can Single, Double, Multiple entry visas be differentiated?

Visas can be single-entry, double entry and multiple entry. A single entry visa means the visa
is cancelled as soon as the holder leaves a country.
A double-entry visa means the visa is cancelled as soon as the holder leaves the country at
the completion of the second visit.
Multiple visa means the holder of the visa is permitted to visit a country multiple times with
the same visa.

What is an Australian ‘Skilled Independent VIsa (subclass 189)?

This is a points-tested visa, which lets the invited workers with skills that Australia need,
work and live permanently in Australia. This visa:

  • Helps to stay in Australia permanently
  • Work, study, live anywhere in Australia
  • Enrol in the free, international-standard, public health care scheme
  • Sponsor the eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • It also helps you to be an Australian citizen, if eligible

Why does getting help from a registered migration agent or visa agent help?

Registered migration agents have the required qualification along with up to date
knowledge about migration legislation and requirements. This means, they are able to
provide accurate advice on the various available visa options. Besides they can also provide
accurate assistance with the preparation as well as lodgement of your preparations.

How long will it take for my application for a visa to be processed?

The processing time of the visa may vary depending on the specified application, how the
application has been lodged, and the level of demand of the visa application, with the
department o Immigration & Border Protection.

What will happen if my visa is cancelled?

If your visa has either been cancelled or refused, do not panic or lose hopes. Our visa agents
will review the reason behind the cancellation. Accordingly, they can assist with lodging an
appeal with the AAT or Administrative Appeals Tribunal, if found appropriate.
We will ensure that you will be able to remain in Australia lawfully, till the entire issue is
sorted out.