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    If you are looking for an Australian Partner Visa Agent in Epping, your search should end at Visa Pro Migration & Education Services. We are home to some of the most experienced visa agents, who would use their experience, expertise and in depth knowledge about Australian Partner Visa.

    Our highly learned visa agents will make sure you manage to get your partner visa at the earliest without in a seamless way.

    Partner Visa

    How can our Epping Partner Visa agents come in handy ?

    Once you contact our Epping visa agent specialised in Australian Partner Visa, the professional will use all the experience and knowledge to explain to you the technicalities and conditions of acquiring a partner visa and the advantages of having one.

    Apparently speaking, a partner visa will allow you as well as our partner to stay together in Australia. Australian Partner Visas can be divided into two types

    • Subclass 309/100 (Off shore) visa
    • Subclass 820/801 (Onshore) visa

    Both these visas will help to acquire permanent residence in Australia,regardless of whether you are the de-facto or a married partner of the primary visa holder. Our Epping Australian Partner Visa Agent will provide you an end to end solution, guiding you to successfully file the application for the partners visa.
    However, when you apply, you need to provide valid proof of the nature of relation between you and your partner. You need to prove that the relationship you have with your partner is genuine and continuing.
    Besides, you must have enough proof that says you are in a position to meet certain ‘financial’, ‘social’, ‘nature of household’ requirements and certain factors that are termed as ‘nature of commitment’.
    Thus you see, our highly experienced migration agents will comprehensively advise you on the ways you need to prepare yourself while applying for the Australian partner visa and meet all the eligibility criteria.

    Partner Visa

    How does an Australian Onshore Partner Visa differ from an Offshore Partner Visa?

    Our Australian Partner Visa Agents near Epping will also help you understand the difference between offshore and onshore partner visas. The main difference between the two types of Partners Visas is in the way you can apply. When you apply for the subclass 820 visa, you have to be physically in Australia and be so uninterruptedly, till your visa is granted.
    However, you can apply for the Subclass 309/100 visa from abroad.

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