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    Student Visa Consultants in Melbourne

    Are you an international student looking to get quality education in a school, university or any other educational institution in Melbourne? You will require a student visa then, the application process of which can be complex. But you need not worry since we at Visa Pro Migration & Education Services will make this entire process easier. Our qualified and experienced student visa consultants in Melbourne will brief you on the steps required for the application process and will even guide you in choosing the right type of student visas.

    Our student visa agents will listen to your needs and answer your queries. All in all, you can expect visa approval since we make sure that our clients experience zero issues when applying for a student visa.

    Types of Student Visas With Which Our Consultants in Melbourne Help With

    At Visa Pro Migration & Education Services, we are student visa consultants in Melbourne who will help you with visa subclasses 500 and 590.

    In subclass 500, you, as a student, can stay in Australia for up to 5 years. Also, you can bring your family with you and even work here for an unlimited number of hours. However, to help you get the visa, we will determine whether you are eligible. We will determine your proficiency in English, health requirements, work requirements etc. before assisting you with the application process.

    We will help you apply for the visa subclass 590 as well if you are over 21 years and have the financial strength of supporting and accompanying another minor with you holding a subclass 500.

    Why Choose Our Melbourne Student Visa Consultants?

    Choose our Melbourne student visa consultants since

    • They are experts in assisting clients with the student visa application process
    • They can assist you with both visa subclass 500 and 590
    • They will answer your queries related to the student visa
    • They will make the student visa application an easy process

    So, if the visa application process looks terrifying, no need to be apprehensive since we are here to assist you with the same.

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