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    Student Visa Consultants in Epping

    If, as an international student, you are looking to join a school, university or any other educational institution in Epping for higher studies, you will require a student visa. The application process for the same can be quite complicated. However, you need not stress out regarding this very thing since Visa Pro Migration & Education Services is here to assist you with all the steps. Our expert student visa consultants in Epping will guide you on the steps that need to be followed for the application process. Additionally, they will also help you choose the right type of visa.

    Our student visa consultants will note down your requirements and provide answers to the queries that you have. Additionally, they will suggest steps that will help you get the visa approval without experiencing unnecessary hassles.

    Student Visa

    Student Visa Types With Which Our Consultants in Epping Assist With

    At Visa Pro Migration & Education Services, our student visa consultants in Epping will help you with visa subclasses 500 and 590.

    As a student, you can stay in Australia for up to 5 years with the subclass 500 visa. Additionally, you can include your family with this type of visa and can even work in Australia for an unlimited number of hours. However, before you can apply for this visa, our consultants will determine your eligibility. This includes your proficiency in English, work requirements, health conditions, etc. Besides, they will describe the application process that will help you obtain the document without experiencing complexities.

    You can also get assistance with visa subclass 590 if you are over 21 years and can support and accompany another minor with you having a subclass 500. This permanent visa type is mainly for parents or custodians of students. For more information on this, connect with us now.

    Student Visa

    Why Choose Our Epping Student Visa Consultants?

    Choose our Epping student visa consultants since

    • They are qualified and assist clients with everything related to the student visa
    • They assist with student visa subclass 500 and 590
    • They help with all queries related to the student visas
    • They assist with the student visa application process

    To begin your educational journey in Australia, call us now or send us an email if you have queries.

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